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Torkalot Introduction

The Torkalot groupware offers a novel forum or blogging system as demonstrated at Torkalot offers many unique features such as 'private' channels, bumps and invitations. Torkalot supports usenet-style cross-posts, embedded media (flickr, youtube) and options for SEO/monetization. Users can also create new channels in the torkalot hierarchy. Torkalot is open source and free - in both meanings of the word

Download Torkalot

Torkalot is hosted on Sourceforge. Please visit the Sourceforge download link and grab the latest tarball from there.

Screen Shots of Torkalot

Frequently Asked Questions

There are no frequently asked questions, but if there were, these would probably be the most commen.

Discuss Torkalot

If you have something to say about Torkalot, you can comment on the thread hosted here.